The New Normal for UST Removals

The new normal for underground storage tank removal (UST) is removing previous approved sand filled or foam filled UST’s. The problem is the older UST’s have developed corrosion holes, from being buried so long and the Local Building inspectors are requiring  a NJDEP claim number to report the corrosion holes that have develop in the UST over time, regardless if petroleum impacted soil is present in the excavation or not at the time of the removal.

NJDEP requires FABCO to collect soil samples and write a Remedial Action Report to obtain an NFA ( NO Further Action Letter) and case closure. This is costing our clients a lot of added cost,

Conclusion : if you have one of these so called filled tanks on your property I would suggest that you have the UST removed before you start thinking of selling the house. it could be a deal breaker and that is really hurts when there is NO oil in ground and it is just a big time delay, so please think ahead and call FABCO for a Property Sweep because you never know what the previous owner left behind.