Property Sweeps and Environmental Facts

Property Sweeps are just what they say they are “property sweeps.”  A Client retains  services from a firm or individual  to see if they can find a underground oil tank system , or any other related piping to determine the absence or presence of an oil tank or motor fuel system.

When a tank like anomalies or some type related piping is notice,  this is called an area of concern (AOC) which needs further site investigation (SI).  The SI is needed to determine exactly what the AOC is.  In either case it requires a knowledgeable person who knows and understands how these systems work and how they where installed.

Be aware the property sweep report just points out the  AOC, and the main thing is that you understand Property Sweeps are not to be considered environmental property assessments, further investigation maybe warranted from a Environmental Firm to investigate the property before the purchase.