Historic Underground Tank Closure Certication


Many homeowners have had oil tanks removed or abandon in place over the years, everything appeared to be right at the time of the closure, Now years later with a the new regulations in place, it is imperative to certify the former underground storage  tank closure  within current regulatory  standards of the NJDEP.

The reasons for this is to facilitate a smooth property transactions, You do not want to be caught with your contract of sale papers being shredded on the day of the supposedly closing because you did not do your due diligence on your on property prior to the Real Estate transaction or even prior to putting property on the market, it seems this step is getting overlooked by a lot of Professionals and Homeowners.

Lately homeowners have been calling us to find out that there is a problem, Please feel free to call FABCO for details on how certified tank closure can be accomplish your property,


Underground oil tank scan proves effective

Cost effective saving’s , here is how, most times when I go on a Tank Removal Estimate to Remove and underground oil tank, I bring our Fisher Tank Scanner to determine size and location of the tank on the property.  If a client does not need a letter , this become a free Tank scan  service and can give a Homeowner piece of mind. Call for a free estimate within the local area of Long Branch.     Best Regards  Anthony