Forgotten oil tanks/ or filled in place

March 2014,  Recently FABCO pulled this oil tank that was left in the ground and not in use for 35 years, the client said her husband  decided to change to above ground tank back in 1976 and they only used the the tank for two years , then went to Natural Gas. Then instead of removing the oil tank, the Homeowner just forgot about it.

What makes this case even more of a hardship the property was under contract to be sold because Sandy destroyed the house. The sale delayed indefinitely until the property soil and groundwater remediation could be completed with a No Further Action Letter being issued from the NJDEP.

Meanwhile the Homeowner found out that the homeowner Insurance policy ‘s  was  updated 2005 with a  pollution exclusion, This means that the  insurance company may or may not pay for the oil remediation clean up, but it will take a period of time for insurance company  to adjust the claim and decide if they are obligated to pay for the remediation claim prior to 2005. it all means delays.

Update March 31,2016 ,  this project was finally completed, it was delayed for 17 months to obtain Insurance company funding to be in place. The project cost approximately $48,000.00,and the Insurance company decided only to pay 63% of the claim.  The claim would have been more if we did not have such a dry summer last year.

FABCO completed the project within two weeks of actual work on site.  FABCO was issued a NFA letter in December of 2015 less then 4 months from start to finish.

The moral of the story is, have a reliable firm sweep your property and  look for a oil tank that you thought was gone, and get the reassurance that it is not only gone, but it did not leak by doing a oil tank removal reenactment,  by a NJDEP Certified Tank Removal firm,  do not get caught with old oil tank on your property to spoil your retirement plans, especially tanks that have been filled in place and you have a letter from a contractor that is long gone or when you bought the house they told you it was good. Call FABCO if you need help, that’s what we are for.

Corrosion Holes

Corrosion Holes

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