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Don’t Get Caught Short and Out of Time

Recently FABCO has removed a number of underground oil tanks that have discharge to the sub-surface. These projects are all life changing projects , what I mean by that is everybody had lived in thier house for over 30 years and just now got around to removing the oil tank in order to put the house up for sale.  They all had plans to move out of NEW JERSEY for a new life, and now this oil tank in the yard which they have never seen before has corrosion holes in it  and sub-surface oil discharge has occurred. No one knows exactly how much oil has leak out until a costly site investigation is performed at a cost of $3,500.00 to $4,500.00, But   you know that your house is under contract for a sale with a closing date in 3 weeks, what you did not know is it takes 4 months or longer to get a closed case from NJDEP when ground water is involved. MY suggestion is, do not get caught short by putting the cart before the horse. You need to remove the oil tank and switch to above ground tank or convert to gas before you call the Realtor call FABCO INC. we care and we can help you.



Environmental Credit Assistance Program

These days Homeowners need help to make decisions, especially when it comes to an underground oil tank buried in the yard, this news always comes at inconvenient time.  The system has us buried in regulations. The fact of the matter is, we all need help and guidance when it comes to financial solutions for property pollution. FABCO offers our clients nothing other then honorable and professional services with results. Please E-mail FABCO for for an oil tank removal estimate or for Environmental Remediation Assistance and a preliminary credit questionnaire will be e-mailed to you.  No salesman, will  call.  The Email Address is   If you choose to process the application, do not email the application to FABCO. Send us your contact information in a e-mail  and a  Environmental Project Manager will contact you by phone, at a time specified  by you. Thank you for your time in reading my Blog.

Anthony A. Fabiano, President

Grant Funding

Accessing Oil Tank With non-Sparking Air Tools

Accessing Underground Oil Tank w/ non-sparking Tools

Putting an oil tank Removal off these days is not what a Home owner really wants to do, Despite what you hear Grant Funding available for site remediation cleanup. Call FABCO for details FABCO makes oil tank removal Hassle Free.