We make Oil Tanks Disappear

Yes, this is true, all you have to do is point and your tank will be gone, FABCO has been removing oil tanks with hassle free contracting for over 35 years, working with our community’s all over  New Jersey. FABCO is proud of it’s removal record and NJDEP case completion file with No Further Action Letters for our Clients. Just call us, and we will make your tank disappear and if you have a remediation problem that on going and you are just tired of being hassled, we can  make that case a closed case, all you have to do is call , we will come when it is convenient for you.


water testing for lead​

Investigation shows 33 cities ‘cheat’ on water testing for lead

At least 33 cities across 17 US states have used water testing “cheats” that potentially conceal dangerous levels of lead, a Guardian investigation launched in the wake of the toxic water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has found.

Of these cities, 21 used the same water-testing methods that prompted criminal charges against three government employees in Flint over their role in one of the worst public health disasters in U.S. history.

For 25 years, the Environmental Protection Agency has required water utilities to test a small pool of households for lead contamination at least every three years. Typically, city water departments ask residents to collect these water samples. But the way residents are instructed to sample their water, as well as which households are chosen for testing, can profoundly impact how much lead is detected.

The Guardian’s investigation demonstrates that similar testing regimes were in place in cities including Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee. –

See more at: http://www.phcnews.com/content/investigation-shows-33-cities-%E2%80%98cheat%E2%80%99-water-testing-lead%E2%80%8B#sthash.mVMIdfUe.dpuf

If you would like your water tested please call FABCO, maybe we can Help you


Source: Guardian

The New Normal for UST Removals

The new normal for underground storage tank removal (UST) is removing previous approved sand filled or foam filled UST’s. The problem is the older UST’s have developed corrosion holes, from being buried so long and the Local Building inspectors are requiring  a NJDEP claim number to report the corrosion holes that have develop in the UST over time, regardless if petroleum impacted soil is present in the excavation or not at the time of the removal.

NJDEP requires FABCO to collect soil samples and write a Remedial Action Report to obtain an NFA ( NO Further Action Letter) and case closure. This is costing our clients a lot of added cost,

Conclusion : if you have one of these so called filled tanks on your property I would suggest that you have the UST removed before you start thinking of selling the house. it could be a deal breaker and that is really hurts when there is NO oil in ground and it is just a big time delay, so please think ahead and call FABCO for a Property Sweep because you never know what the previous owner left behind.

Property Sweeps and Environmental Facts

Property Sweeps are just what they say they are “property sweeps.”  A Client retains  services from a firm or individual  to see if they can find a underground oil tank system , or any other related piping to determine the absence or presence of an oil tank or motor fuel system.

When a tank like anomalies or some type related piping is notice,  this is called an area of concern (AOC) which needs further site investigation (SI).  The SI is needed to determine exactly what the AOC is.  In either case it requires a knowledgeable person who knows and understands how these systems work and how they where installed.

Be aware the property sweep report just points out the  AOC, and the main thing is that you understand Property Sweeps are not to be considered environmental property assessments, further investigation maybe warranted from a Environmental Firm to investigate the property before the purchase.

Do you have a Oil Tank Project Filed in the Never Never Land

What does Never Never Land mean, it means that when a homeowner has a life changing event like a home sale taking place and your oil tank has been discovered to had an underground discharge of oil. The clean up has to be funded and  Never Never land is  where all the insurance money seems to be do these projects for New Jersey Homeowners,

Once upon a time NJ homeowner’s had a grant clean up program and it worked very well until it was abused by system,  so they System stop it and put all the future funding in the  bank of future only allowing some of the chosen frozen cases to be considered year by year.

But Now there is hope and new Idea for Environmental Funding to help Homeowners and FABCO can connect Homeowners and Funding and get your file out of the Never Never land at least FABCO can review the case and make a determination of the estimated cost for Project Funding then put your case in contact with a Funding Group of Environmental Experts and make application for your environmental funding cost, but you have to call FABCO.

Don’t Get Caught Short and Out of Time

Recently FABCO has removed a number of underground oil tanks that have discharge to the sub-surface. These projects are all life changing projects , what I mean by that is everybody had lived in thier house for over 30 years and just now got around to removing the oil tank in order to put the house up for sale.  They all had plans to move out of NEW JERSEY for a new life, and now this oil tank in the yard which they have never seen before has corrosion holes in it  and sub-surface oil discharge has occurred. No one knows exactly how much oil has leak out until a costly site investigation is performed at a cost of $3,500.00 to $4,500.00, But   you know that your house is under contract for a sale with a closing date in 3 weeks, what you did not know is it takes 4 months or longer to get a closed case from NJDEP when ground water is involved. MY suggestion is, do not get caught short by putting the cart before the horse. You need to remove the oil tank and switch to above ground tank or convert to gas before you call the Realtor call FABCO INC. we care and we can help you.



Environmental Credit Assistance Program

These days Homeowners need help to make decisions, especially when it comes to an underground oil tank buried in the yard, this news always comes at inconvenient time.  The system has us buried in regulations. The fact of the matter is, we all need help and guidance when it comes to financial solutions for property pollution. FABCO offers our clients nothing other then honorable and professional services with results. Please E-mail FABCO for for an oil tank removal estimate or for Environmental Remediation Assistance and a preliminary credit questionnaire will be e-mailed to you.  No salesman, will  call.  The Email Address is FABCONJ@msn.com.   If you choose to process the application, do not email the application to FABCO. Send us your contact information in a e-mail  and a  Environmental Project Manager will contact you by phone, at a time specified  by you. Thank you for your time in reading my Blog.

Anthony A. Fabiano, President

Grant Funding

Accessing Oil Tank With non-Sparking Air Tools

Accessing Underground Oil Tank w/ non-sparking Tools

Putting an oil tank Removal off these days is not what a Home owner really wants to do, Despite what you hear Grant Funding available for site remediation cleanup. Call FABCO for details FABCO makes oil tank removal Hassle Free.


Forgotten oil tanks/ or filled in place

March 2014,  Recently FABCO pulled this oil tank that was left in the ground and not in use for 35 years, the client said her husband  decided to change to above ground tank back in 1976 and they only used the the tank for two years , then went to Natural Gas. Then instead of removing the oil tank, the Homeowner just forgot about it.

What makes this case even more of a hardship the property was under contract to be sold because Sandy destroyed the house. The sale delayed indefinitely until the property soil and groundwater remediation could be completed with a No Further Action Letter being issued from the NJDEP.

Meanwhile the Homeowner found out that the homeowner Insurance policy ‘s  was  updated 2005 with a  pollution exclusion, This means that the  insurance company may or may not pay for the oil remediation clean up, but it will take a period of time for insurance company  to adjust the claim and decide if they are obligated to pay for the remediation claim prior to 2005. it all means delays.

Update March 31,2016 ,  this project was finally completed, it was delayed for 17 months to obtain Insurance company funding to be in place. The project cost approximately $48,000.00,and the Insurance company decided only to pay 63% of the claim.  The claim would have been more if we did not have such a dry summer last year.

FABCO completed the project within two weeks of actual work on site.  FABCO was issued a NFA letter in December of 2015 less then 4 months from start to finish.

The moral of the story is, have a reliable firm sweep your property and  look for a oil tank that you thought was gone, and get the reassurance that it is not only gone, but it did not leak by doing a oil tank removal reenactment,  by a NJDEP Certified Tank Removal firm,  do not get caught with old oil tank on your property to spoil your retirement plans, especially tanks that have been filled in place and you have a letter from a contractor that is long gone or when you bought the house they told you it was good. Call FABCO if you need help, that’s what we are for.

Corrosion Holes

Corrosion Holes

Underground oil Storage Tank Removals

Task Assignment  Removal of a 550 gallon oil tank


Water line very close to the tank , a wooden fence over the
tank, a little dog in the yard, water meter at curb, large tree overhead and a
very concerned Homeowner who needed help to get this project done hassle free.
FABCO takes all areas of concern into consideration while working on your property.

For FABCO this is a typical removal that is completed in one day. FABCO has performed numerous tank removals over the years. This is why FABCO individualizes the services to be tailored to your needs, FABCO will take the time to explain the project and the process to you, leaving your property clean with very little lawn impact.  But most of all we follow up with, soil testing , documented project closure forms submitted to you and  with the local administrative authority for construction permit closure. Please feel free to call us so we can help you